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Sound and Vision

David Bowie passed away on Sunday January 10. He was only 69. Fuck cancer, seriously. It's a long shadow that hovers over us all, constantly encroaching into our lives, taking people from us that we'll never have another drink with or talk to about our day again, or people we don't actually know like Bowie, but whose music impacted our lives. I just want to set down a few words about a musician I loved, whose music has soundtracked so much of my life.

When I heard the news--Elizabeth saw it online after we got up and before we went into the get the kids up and ready for the day--I was gobsmacked. She told me while we were feeding the babies and I just couldn't come up with the words. I just kept repeating "Wow" and "Damn." It wasn't sinking in. Once we were eating our breakfast later, I found a performance of "Five Years" online and played that in tribute to the man, the myth, the legend. When I started thinking about Bowie songs, I r…