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A few words about some movies and a book

I wrote three more articles recently for Sequart. The first one delves into why Pretty in Pink still resonates with audiences thirty years after its release. The second looks at life lessons from the ridiculously underrated Michael Keaton flick The Paper. The third is my exploration of the key themes in Stephen King's novel The Shining and how Stanley Kubrick took the film in some other directions.

I wrote about The Shining after finishing the book a week or so ago. I've read plenty of King's books over the years but had avoided that one due to my immense respect and love for Kubrick's film. I always thought that King's book couldn't compare—even though it's the source material and that's a fairly backwards way to look at this. Silly me. The book is definitely one of King's best, at least that I've read (my favorites remain Salem's Lot, The Stand, and all of the Dark Tower books). It was a trip reading this book after becoming a parent, too.…

Tales from the Bookstore 2: Electric Bookaloo

Sometimes you come up with a title and you love it so much you just have to write something to accompany that title. This is one of those times. After writing about it once before, I realized I still had more to say about my experiences in retail bookstore hell back in the day (a.k.a the 1990s). I figured I'd simply turn this post into a sequel of sorts to the original. I've seen far too many bad movies in my life. Throw all of that together in a blender and here we are: Tales from the Bookstore 2: Electric Bookaloo. I'm sure what you're about to read won't be anywhere near as entertaining as that title. I don't care.

(If you're of a certain age, you probably saw Breakin' 2: Electric Boogaloo. Since then, any time you see a movie sequel called "[Insert Title Here] 2" you reflexively want to add "Electric Boogaloo" after it. That is a scientific fact.)

A Motley Crew
We were a ragtag group of nerds and geeks at my Waldenbooks. It was a …