Wednesday, July 15, 2015

Pleased to meet me

I've been contemplating (threatening?) to do this for a long time. I have too many feelings, opinions, thoughts, passions, and grievances not to vent them somewhere besides at my loving, patient wife and incredibly caring friends. Plus, writing has always been a tonic for my soul, right up there with drawing. Similar to the solitary pursuit of sitting with a sketch pad and some pencils to form something on paper to resemble as best I can what I see in my mind, writing also allows for that absolutely necessary act of purging what's inside me, to get it out on paper (or on screen in the modern age) so that I can keep things in proper balance. I've been asked what it's like to have to draw, to need to put down on paper what is itching to get out of my head. "It's necessary," I say. When I do that I'm welcoming the calm into my life. Who doesn't want or need that, right? Writing provides a similar sense of calm in my life. And while I enjoy offering up my opinions on Facebook now and then, I really needed a place for long form writing. It's been far too long since I've done this.

So, here I am. I'm not sure how often I'll post but I'll do my best. I don't have a plan, or a theme for this, besides "write what I need to say, what needs to spill out of my head" and I'm going to let the words fall out and try to make sense of it all later. I might review a book I just read or talk about a current event or just explore why I felt so [insert emotion here] that particular day. I'm a fairly new father (to twins!) so I suppose it's insane of me to think this is a good time to try to start blogging. When will I have time between all of the diaper changing and dodging spit up?? Well, maybe that's actually what makes it the perfect time for me to start.

Oh. And I apologize in advance for typos. And for probably geeking out over things like the upcoming Star Wars movie or waxing nostalgic for some band I loved back in 1995. Because all of those things are bound to happen on this blog. Often.

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