Friday, April 15, 2016

You're probably saying "Gal Gadot" wrong, and other musings

Since seeing Batman v Superman, which I reviewed briefly here the other day, I realized that I had no idea how to pronounce Gal Gadot's name. As Wonder Woman, Gadot is the best part of the film, so I feel I owe it to her to at least say her name correctly when I'm waxing on about her awesomeness. I've been hearing people pronounce it several different ways lately. In this clip from her recent appearance on Jimmy Kimmel's show, Gadot provides a definitive answer.

GaDOAT. Sort of like "boat" with an emphasis on the "t" at the end. Not "GaDOT" like "spot" or "Godot" as in "Waiting for Godot." Glad that's settled.

The rest of the clip is pretty entertaining too. I'm about to make the most obvious point you'll hear all day, but Gadot is very charming and also very attractive. That's sort of a double whammy for nerds. Comic fan Kimmel comports himself fairly well during the interview, and I can only imagine that his inner geek was plotzing the whole time. I like to think I would have been as smooth but I have a feeling I would've said things like, "When you used your bracelets and your lasso, that was so cool." Basically I would've been like Chris Farley in those old SNL skits where he fawned all over celebrities. I think I would do the same thing if I ever met Charlie Cox or Elodie Yung from Daredevil. It's uplifting and exciting when actors brings characters you care about to life by hitting all of the right notes.

So, at this point the only Warner Bros/DC film I'm eagerly anticipating is Wonder Woman. I hope Zack Snyder has absolutely nothing to do with it, though. Please someone lock him in a closet for the remainder of filming and post-production, until the thing's in the can. Here's hoping director Patty Jenkins surrounds Gadot with a great film that makes the most out of her performance.

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