Monday, August 22, 2016

Writing Roundup: Suicide Squad and two cult classics

Go read my reviews, or I'm sending the Squad after you.
Another post collecting links to stuff I've written elsewhere? Yep, afraid so.
I've started reviewing cult classic movies over at The After Movie Diner, which has been a blast. So far they've shared two of them—The Texas Chainsaw Massacre 2 and Howling II. If you read this blog you know they both originated here. After my review of Class of 1984 goes live at the Diner, the rest of my reviews will likely debut there. I love cult classics, genre films, b movies, and the stuff polite society turns their noses up at. I work in scholarly publishing and overall most of the people in my life are scarily intelligent and learned, but let's be real: sometimes smarties miss the joke. I've been guilty of it myself once or twice. But enjoying movies that are so bad they're good (or in some cases just legitimately good and no one seems to notice), helps keep us all humble, I think. I have a mental list of films I want to cover for the Diner, including two from underground legend Abel Ferrera, Ms. 45 and King of New York. I'm also considering watching and reviewing the sci-fi space vampire turkey Lifeforce, god help me. Stay tuned.

Did you see Suicide Squad? What did you think? I was pleasantly surprised and actually really enjoyed it. I reviewed that one for the Diner as well and you can check it out here. To me, it was gloriously over the top and didn't take itself too seriously—just like a lot of cult movies, incidentally.

One last note: I interviewed Bob Proehl about his new novel, A Hundred Thousand Worlds. I reviewed it for Sequart recently, then had the pleasure of talking to Bob about it. That was a lot of fun and I appreciated him humoring me with some pretty spectacularly thoughtful answers to my questions.

As a famous man has been known to say: Excelsior!

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