Tuesday, September 20, 2016

Writing Roundup: Ms. 45, Halloween III, and Candyman

My series of cult film reviews continues over at The After Movie Diner, a site that truly celebrates film in all its forms. First I looked at Ms. 45, Abel Ferrera's 1981 exploitation classic that I argue is also an overlooked feminist classic. The film has haunted me for years, as have most of Ferrara's work. Like Ferrara's other early career films, Ms. 45 is an unsettling look at life in New York City at a time before the Disneyification of midtown. The film features the late Zoe Tamerlis's star-making performance in the title role. She's unforgettable in it, which only makes me sadder that she died so young and never fully realized the promise of this movie. She did write Bad Lieutenant, though, and that's another Ferrara masterpiece. Still, she left far too soon.

I also took a lighter look at another cult classic, Halloween III: Season of the Witch. I don't want to spoil my take on it, but suffice it to say this film has seen an about-face in its critical reception over the last thirty-plus years. Rightly so, too. It's ridiculously watchable because it's so insane. I'm already counting down the days until it starts running nightly during October Halloween movie marathons on cable.

Finally, I reviewed Candyman, a movie that so terrified me as a teenager that it still holds a special place in my heart. It's a very strong horror film and I highly recommend you watch it on a cold, dark October night this year, with the lights down low. Just stay away from mirrors.

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