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Soused and Amused: Helena Bonham Carter in Dark Shadows

I grew up loving the films of Tim Burton. From Beetlejuice to Batman Returns to Ed Wood, I thoroughly enjoyed the man's work during his heyday. I never ranked him as my favorite director, or even close, but I always appreciated his uniquely skewed style and aesthetic.
At some point though, starting in the early 2000s, his movies started blending together for me. His quirkiness and aesthetic were losing some of their luster. While I haven't kept up with all of his work in recent years, I've seen enough to know I don't eagerly anticipate his new films anymore. Unless, of course, they feature Michelle Pfeiffer.

I thoroughly enjoyed Burton's 2012 Dark Shadows adaptation, and in fact it's only grown on me over the years. Beyond a few clips, I've never seen the original television series, so I can't make any comparisons between the versions. However, I can state unequivocally and for the record, that despite Johnny Depp being the top-billed star, the film bo…
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Is Margot Robbie the Next Michelle Pfeiffer?

My short answer to that headline? No. I'm not slighting Margot Robbie, though. I happen to think she's extremely talented, unfairly underrated, and a fine actress. It's just that, as we all know, there is only one Michelle Pfeiffer. Libby Gelman Waxner (aka Paul Rudnick) said it best:
Michelle Pfeiffer is what God had in mind for humanity before the blueprints got all smudged in the glove compartment. So, when Nylon recently made a case for Margot Robbie being this generation's Michelle Pfeiffer, some folks on the internet screamed, "Hell no!" Read Hayden Manders's article, then come on back for my thoughts.

Some Twitter reactionaries seemed to think Nylon meant that Robbie was usurping Pfeiffer. That's not the message I took from it, though. By "this generation" I think they mean the millennial generation. Robbie is a millennial, after all. Pfeiffer is technically a Boomer, but her birth year (1958) falls towards the tail end of the spectr…

Girl, You Have No Faith in Medicine: Nurses in Pop Culture

It's National Nurses Week in the United States, and this weekend is International Nurses Day. Nurses are more than deserving of celebration, and they should be honored year round! I've had many wonderful experiences where a nurse's care made all the difference, either for me or a family member.

Because this blog often focuses on popular culture, let's take a minute to celebrate a few favorite nurses in film and television. Of course, when it comes to pop culture's portrayal of nurses, certain tropes have been easy to spot through the years. While a few of the nurses in this list might fit aspects of these tropes, they each offer so much more than that. Please note, the nurses below are female, but this doesn't mean male or non-binary nurses are any less awesome. These are just a handful of pop culture nurses who've left an impression on your humble narrator.

Tell me your faves in the comments!

Jenny Agutter: Nurse Alex Price, An American Werewolf in London

Random Thoughts on Avengers: Infinity War

I haven't written a lot about the Marvel movies here, but I have seen almost all of them at this point (still need to catch up with Spider-Man: Homecoming and Ant-Man), plus I've spent most of my life reading Marvel Comics, so I'm as invested as anyone in these films. But for a while, circa Captain America: Civil War, I was starting feel over it all, and interest in future films in the Marvel Cinematic Universe (MCU) was waning. Then I saw Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2loved it—Thor: Ragnarokloved it—Black Pantherloved it—and now Infinity Warloved it. So, I think I'm back on board, as we rush headlong towards the MCU's endgame.

Here are just a few random thoughts regarding Infinity War. There are plenty of good critical analyses of the film online, but I'm not interested in writing one of those right now. I see the film's (many) flaws, but for this piece I'm just going to discuss some aspects of the film that worked for me, and a few that didn'…

Michelle Pfeiffer at 60: Still White Gold, Still the Best

Hard to believe it, but Michelle Pfeiffer will turn sixty on April 29th.

Not as hard to believe, I'm an enormous Michelle Pfeiffer fan, or pfan, if you will. I've written extensively about her work, and I will likely continue to do so until someone pries the keyboard out of my cold, dead hands.

Pfeiffer turning sixty feels momentous. Obviously, we could go on for days about how she doesn't look sixty, about how she's managed to retain her stunning, otherworldly, jaw-dropping good looks all these years. Certainly, when I first discovered her in the mid- to late-1980s as an adolescent, it was her captivating eyes and pouty lips that first made me sit up and say, "Whoa!" After all this time, she's still solid White Gold. Always has been, always will be.

Reducing Michelle Pfeiffer to her looks, however, is never a wise decision. She's so much more than just quite possibly the world's most pretty face. She's a true artist, an extremely talented, o…